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Chatomate is a full stack engagement platform that businesses use to automate processes to reach, support and delight customers.

Conversational Intelligence

Conversationally Intelligent Chatbots for Gen X Users

Automating conversations shouldn't take days. With Chatomate, designing conversations becomes easy with elements like Workflows, Dynamic Content, NLP, Tags and Code Base. These elements help businesses to generate more leads and provide support on customer preferred channels with cost-effective and personalized solutions.

Conversationally Intelligent Chatbots for Gen X Users
Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Get a canvas to build personalized customer journey and bring business workflows to life quickly.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Import content from your backend and showcased into rich media.



Understand user intent into natural language and give accurate responses.



Categorize customers into segments based on their action and target them in a personalized manner.

Code Base​

Code Base

Add complex logic on user data points and deploy it in no time.

Delightful customer experience 24 x7 across channels


Delightful customer experience 24 x7 across channels

Elevate customer support with accurate and personalized conversations on platforms where your customers spend most of their time. Use chatbot across channels to generate more sales and automate customer support.


Build personalized and cost-effective conversations to delight customers on WhatsApp messaging channel. Send reminders and updates to convert leads into sales.


Reply instantly and engage immediately on Instagram. Turn followers into brand loyal customers by automating story replies, DMs, and comments on post.


Be available 24x7 for your customers on website. Turn visitors into customers by CRM integration, automating 1st line of support and handover to human agent.


Attract the huge user base of Facebook with automated and personalized responses. Provide delightful experience with rich media content, query resolutions and engaging alerts.


Bring the joy of conversational AI to your customer in mobile application. Understand user query into natural language and provide meaningful responses at scale in your eco system.

Multi Agent Inbox

Boost Agent Efficiency for Faster Query Resolution

Make your customer experience reach the peak with Chatomate platform. Power up agent productivity to support customers in no time with Omnichannel Inbox, Knowledge Base, Canned Responses, Load Balancing and Agent Escalation.

Boost Agent Efficiency for Faster Query Resolution
Omni Channel Inbox​

Omnichannel Inbox

Expand agent’s reach to all channels. Quickly respond to conversations from any channel with the history of every message on every channel at hand to the agents.

Knowledge Base

Use an internal knowledge base to help agents provide any information instantly, at any time and save time on repetitive queries with answers ready at their fingertips.

Canned Responses​

Canned Responses

Build, save and use responses for similar requests. Help agents decrease response time with ready to deliver answers and save time in case of repetitive queries.

Load Balancing​

Load Balancing

Relieve agents from the burden of workload by comparing the traffic of all the agents online and then assigning the chat to the agent with minimum traffic.

Agent Escalation​

Agent Escalation

Maintain the response accuracy even when an agent is unable to resolve customer query by transferring the query to the next agent who can surely resolve it.

Measure, Analyze and Improve with Chatomate

Dashboard, Reporting & Analytics

Measure, Analyze and Improve with Chatomate

Discover critical insights to measure the performance of your bot for every channel, get user metrics, trending user intents, and agent efficiency to analyze and improve the overall chat to upgrade customer engagement.

Bot Analytics​

Bot Analytics

Track the performance of your bot for each channel with number of bot users, message count and total number of sessions.

User Analytics​

User Analytics

Get a record of new incoming users and then total users to understand the bot traffic pattern. Record bot's most communicate hours.

NLP Analytics​

NLP Analytics

Measure the demand of trending intents and its frequency. Get the list of unanswered questions and train the bot accordingly.

Handoff Analytics​

Handoff Analytics

Keep a record of total handoff requests in working and non-working hours across channels. Map missed handoff requests for any particular channel.

Agent Analytics​

Agent Analytics

Gain live chat insights like agent's average response time, agent workload and agent availability to measure their efficiency.

Full Stack Engagement Platform

Chatbot Integrations to Power Up Conversational Flows

Upgrade your chatbot ecosystem with powerful integrations of Chatomate. The stack includes Channels, Live Chat, Campaigns, Growth Tools and Third-Party Apps that combine the best of automation and live chat on all social platforms.

Chatbot Integrations to Power Up Conversational Flows


Engage, convert and retain customers with smooth integrations across various social channels and expand your brand presence.

Live Chat​

Live Chat

Configure the popular Live Chat to seamlessly route higher-value complex queries to human agents.



Update larger volumes of audience with broadcasting fire messages to raise your customer service game.

Growth Tools​

Growth Tools

Acquire new customers easily on channels like WhatsApp, Web and Instagram with automated replies, links and QR generation.

Third Party Apps​

Third Party Apps

The integration stack is completed with apps like Lead Square, HubSpot, Google Sheet, Salesforce, Genesys and many more.

Reachability and Reliability with Conversational AI Platform

Security & Scalability

Get Reachability with Reliability to Score and Secure

Chatomate is built to support scalable automation with an extra layer of protection so that you never have to worry about unregulated traffic and your users’ data security. So, whether it’s about responding to larger volumes of customers or safeguarding your user’s data, you are in good company with Chatomate

Access Control​

Access Control

Get fine grade role-based access control support to fit your organizational needs. So be it a supervisor, admin or agent, everyone knows what they are doing.



Get extra protection with two factor authentication for secure access to the accounts to save your organization from widespread security


GDPR compliance assures that the customer’s data stays in their control. Chatomate takes the responsibility of safeguarding your user data from falling into wrong hands.

Cloud Services​

Cloud Services

Chatomate being built using cloud services allows the app to be published on public or private clouds so that your customers’ data is always under protective lenses.

Auto Scaling​

Auto Scaling

Chatomate is inbuilt with auto scaling feature to instantly manage and serve in case of unregulated traffic so that automated replies and services doesn't stop for any number of user base.

At India Today, we want to deliver latest content to our viewers on WhatsApp, With Kevit’s Chatomate, we have automated content delivery and that help us reduce response time and increase net promotor score. I admire their promptness to deliver solutions.
- Deputy General Manager IT at TV Today
Tarun Sood
We wanted our first line of support to be automated followed by agent escalation, with Chatomate tech team expertise. We went live within 48 hours only, and I appreciate team promptness in addressing customer problems. Good Job! You are on the right track.
- Social Media Manager at Texila
Manikanda Prabhu
Businesses want managed services and that’s where Chatomate team achieved perfection. We collaborated with Chatomate for omnichannel automation, and we are incredibly happy because they exactly know what true partnership require - trust, transparency, and responsibility.
- Global Product Alliance Manager at Route Mobile
Onkar Mayekar
Businesses aim to improve customer experience and that’s where Chatomate team is at its peak. We collaborated with Chatomate for automating business processes on all channels because they know exactly what to do and they take the word trust very seriously.
- Product Sales Specialist at Netcore
Prashast Trigunait

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