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Importance of Staying connected in 2020.
Communication is the major role-playing factor in the evolution of mankind, we are born in an era of Internet where we got served with tons of tools for staying at just a click away from each other.

And there it stood like the king of messaging app, yeah you guessed it right! With more than 2 billion users from 180 countries, WhatsApp ranks #1 when it comes to messaging platforms.

The platform got leveraged for its business use apart from messaging after Facebook acquired it. Today we will see what revolution this application has brought to the business sector globally.

WhatsApp business stepped up in late 2017, expanding its wings to bridge the communication gap between business and their audience. Here the business can showcase products, interact for query resolving, and expect to increase their business in a more manually inclined conversational form.

To eradicate the manual fatigue, the dart of AI was used to hit the bullseye in automating customer service. Now we experience it daily, but hardly realize that we interacted with a so-called human conversation imitating AI. Widely called “Chabot”.

Facebook made a bold step in introducing WhatsApp API to conveniently integrate these neural engines with their widely popular messaging platform.

What is WhatsApp API? And Why do we require one?
API – Application Programming “Interface”, the word interface is a real catch here. Being an API there is not visual appearance or backend database for WhatsApp API. It simply acts as an intermediator between your business software & end-user for text-based support, notifications, and guidance.

Business sectors around the world are baying to use this API with their Chatbots, because of the large number of WhatsApp users, And why not? It becomes extensively favorable for businesses in terms of cost-cutting, availability, and customized support.

When we have statistics like these, it’s obvious to take advantage of it.

One for all. All for One.

The API performs well with any large or medium business domain which makes it independent regardless of what you do or where you do. If your goal is to improve CX experience, go ahead and leverage this API for the same.

Are your Data Scientist 😊?

Implementation of this API will allow you to channel the collection of feedback, suggestions, or complaints from your audience with ease onto a centralized database. Here, your data experts can carry out mining for profitable managerial decisions.

Reach out your audience

WhatsApp being a symbol of reliability, the business and end-user can have a scam-free experience. Only the verified business can perform on this platform.

With a touch of personalization, the business can easily outnumber their previous revenue figures and provide a smooth support experience too.

Accelerating your development

“Automation is the key to Modernization”, this statement justifies the current situation of empty customer call centers and jampacked server rooms. Humans do fatigue, and when there is so much of competition, no company can compromise in their customer assistance.

This leads to the adoption of AI-based “Conversational Commerce”, which is featured on the WhatsApp platform will allow you to convert potential audience into successful leads.

Speak what your audience understand

WhatsApp always stepped with a trending environment, and with the introduction of localized marketing, it offered support by being multilingual. Addressing potential audiences was easy and their native language compatibility made it more promising towards understandability.

Implications of WhatsApp Business:


Business Profile

WhatsApp offers your business to be a unique identity on this platform and mention business details that will help users to avail services, discover products, grab offers, and navigate themselves to your physical stores.

Everyone stays updated
To comfort everyone’s “less effort lifestyle”, business can make their 🤖 AI-Chatbots push updates to their mere users for delivering real-time status of their product, offers, query ticket, refunds, etc… You name it & WhatsApp got it covered for you 😎.

Building a Community

Every business thrives to gather mass attention and when an adequate amount of fanbase is made, the management gets complicated. With WhatsApp API for business, this issue is addressed via facilitating group messaging. Companies like RealMe and Oneplus features an android app for building their fan portal, but you don’t need to. There is a more simplified way, now any business can have their community on WhatsApp where their fans can add themselves to get notified for the upcoming events, launches, and lucrative offering.

Two Way Interaction

No one in this 21st century is adoring iterative conversation and rather gets fed up till the step where the actual problem is about to discuss. At WhatsApp, they understand the importance of 2-way communication and offer your AI-platform to resolve a problem in real-time by listening to what the user has to say.

With this approach on the other end, the user feels that they are heard while your tech can analyze the seriousness of the situation and act accordingly.

Instant Customer Feedback
Who in this holy world likes to fill feedback form without being asked for? No One.


With great feedbacks comes great opportunity towards business development. Consumers prefer more texting their concerns to business rather than entertaining feedback forms. Establishing this API will allow you to pool your database with a stunning amount of suggestions that will help you in building the best in class product, concrete services, or reputed brand.

Multimedia support at its best

Narrating problems, easily understandable solution, documented notification, audio, and video support, all these are possibilities through a wide range of multimedia support provided by WhatsApp. Establish to and forth communication with various file types as demanded by the situation.

Secure Channel

Rigorously tested for possible hacks, WhatsApp’s end-to-end secured channel for conversation is impossible to breach. This sustains the privacy of business communication between your AI-Chatbots with end users so that your information remains intact.

Eliminating the business-user gap has become a must for every business and when you already have the most popular communication tool, just an integration away than why not give it a shot?

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