Are AI Chatbots a new face for future Marketing automation?

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Artificial intelligence is the most unrivalled talking point for business users who’s looking to improve their efficiency, deliver new ideas and take the next steps in the transition to a digital enterprise.  It is an intelligence that gives power to the AI chatbot to learn from conversations and handle any and every situation that comes within its way.

As every brand’s focal point is on promoting personalized experiences, more and more intelligent chatbots are being built to seize the users and improve the business productivity. That said it is a rarity to find a live intelligent chatbot, also called as AI chatbot. As the thought of a chatbot springs up, we know it is not a real person for sure. What we know is that chatbot brings a human touch. For that to become a reality, chatbots need to be sensible. The essence is not the chatbot rather it is the degree of intelligence of the chatbot that can bring the human touch.

Do you know that AI Chatbot knows what users wants?

A chatbot is intelligent when its acquaintances with the user needs. For instance, let’s consider the case of a chatbot helping a user to book an appointment in a salon.  The user prompted to give out the date the user has in mind to book the salon service. So far, so good — until the query, looking for hair Spa Services comes from the user. Now, the Artificial Intelligence chatbot must understand this specific user need to provide the relevant answer. An intelligent chatbot will understand the language to provide a convincing answer.

How AI Chatbots indulged in Marketing and Sales?

Back in 2016, Mark Zukerberg announced something noteworthy about the online creation of the chatbot via Facebook messenger and this was the moment when the world began discussing artificial intelligence chatbot. This expedient unlike other forms of marketing, chatbots keep your customers entertained for longer.

Chatbots have emerged significantly in recent times, due to artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) that powers them. They’re now versatile tools that can help you to automate several business processes. It is unique because they not only engage with your customers, but also can retain them.

Reach wider Audience

Chatbots are overriding over social media messaging platforms, hence they’re able to reach a virtually limitless audience. It can reach a new customer base for your brand by tapping into new demographics, and can be integrated across multiple messaging apps, thus making you more readily available to help your customers. This, in turn, opens new opportunities for you to increase sales.

How AI chatbot is driving automation in marketing?

Marketing automation is a rapidly booming industry which have expand by 8.55 percent this year, increasing market capitalization to $5.5 billion by 2019.

AI allows marketers to grip new customers who match their existing customer more efficiently. Customers’ interests, buying habits, and past interactions can be mingled to give sales teams a vast pool of data to analyze and filter down to likely the targets audience. Hence this allows marketing to be more efficient and enables companies to build highly targeted content.

Retaining Customer

An even bigger challenge than finding a new customer is keeping them retained is the basis of every company’s success, so continuing to provide value and relevant content is key.

AI enables to remain up to date with minimal input, bringing customers attuned content, personalized recommendations, and providing one-on-one human-like assistance with chatbots and virtual assistants.

Increasing Efficiency

Chatbots are a crucial in increasing efficiency while decreasing overhead costs. A chatbot can use personalized information & facts for each customer it speaks to, allowing it to provide real-time, valuable assistance or service in a targeted and friendly manner.

AI allows this increase in efficiency while supplementing user experience through personalization and timeliness. Most of the consumers are now familiar and comfortable interacting with chatbots.

AI Chatbot: a human-driven future

AI Chatbot will certainly continue to emerge in promising ways for businesses and consumers alike. The exaggerate that has surrounded AI until now is quickly becoming replaced by a more tangible reality, providing a chance for organizations to reap the rewards of AI in outcome-driven ways.

This year, you will see more visible alliance of humans with AI. AI will be increasingly designed with humans in the loop, allowing for the reinforcement of capabilities. It’s like having a human driver in the back of the wheel of today’s autonomous car. However, the role of humans in AI chatbot systems goes much deeper than just being on standby for when things go wrong.


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